Cartel Season 2 Release Date | Cartel Season 2 - Everything We Know

Cartel Season 2 Release Date | Cartel Season 2 - Everything We Know

Cartel is an India Thriller/Action-based web series produced by Ekta Kapoor, Cartel is available to stream on AltBalaji as well as MX Player. Cartel web series is available in various languages incl. Hindi, Tamil & Telegu. Cartel Season 2 is an upcoming Hindi Web Series by AltBalaji. Cartel Web Series received a positive response from its viewers. Cartel Web series is one of the best series by AltBalaji which got such a great and positive response from audiences. Mainly Cartel got more of its Audience from MX Player, a free Indian OTT Streaming App.

As the Cartel Web Series getting popular with time, the audience demand for Cartel Season 2 is picking up pace. Those who just watched Cartel, can't wait to see its next season, because of those questions which were left unanswered with the ending of the Cartel Web Series.

In this post, we will discuss the release date of Cartel Web Series Season 2, with the news and updates we got from all around the web.

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Cartel Season 2 Renewal Status

Cartel Web Series is now one of the top best web series from AltBalaji, it just rocked the performance dashboard. As the series performed so well, Makers of the Cartel Web Series have already confirmed the series behind the door. The official announcement for Cartel Season 2 is expected before the end of 2021.

So, that's good news for Cartel Web Series fans, that the series finally got a go-ahead for another season, Cartel Season 2 is something that going to be true in the future.

Cartel Season 2 Update & Progress

As of now, the production of Cartel Web Series Upcoming Season is not started yet even some of the pre-production work of Cartel Season 2 is still pending.

We got the info that makers have scheduled to start the work on "Cartel Season 2 Shooting & production" in Late 2021, if the series face some delay then production will start in Early 2022 without delaying further.

Cartel Season 2 Episodes Count

Cartel season 1 consists of a total of  14 Episodes, anyone can stream these episodes of Cartel web series on MX Player as well as ALTBalaji. While the reports claim that makers are willing to add the same number of episodes in season 2 as well, things will get clear with time, as of now this is what we got from the research and open web.

Cartel Season 2 Cast

As for now, we don't have much information about the returning cast of Cartel Season 2, but we expect most of them to return as we saw in the last episode of Season 1 most of the cast were alive and have incompleted work to do in next season, so expect almost every character return in season 2 except those were died or murdered in the last season. We have prepared a list of Cast who have a high chance of returning in Season 2. The list is as follows --

  • Rithvik Dhanjani
  • Pranati Rai
  • Jitendra Joshi
  • Supriya Pathak
  • Tanuj Virwani
  • Girija Oak Godbole
  • Divya Agarwal
  • Monica Dogra
  • Sushrii Mishra

Cartel Season 2 Release Date

So finally, now let's talk about the most asked question "When will Cartel Season 2 come on MX Player?"

So far, Cartel Season 2 Release Date is not announced by the officials even they haven't teased once. Maybe because the series is still awaiting renewal confirmation. But as we discussed it will soon get its renewal for season 2, and production will start soon too. So if we let the Cartel Season 2 will go onto production in Early 2022, then the series will be ready to stream in around 6 months.

So expect the release date of Cartel Web Series Season 2 somewhere in the Second half of 2022. Cartel Season 2 will stream on both MX player and ALTBalaji. So as of now, expect Cartel Season 2 in the Second Half of 22 i.e July - December 2022.

Cartel Web Series Ratings & Cartel Reviews So Far

As of now, the series maintained a good response from critics and audiences. So far, the Cartel Series got 9/10 on IMBD which is amazing. Also, 94% of the google users who watched the series liked it too. So that's the response Cartel Web Series got.

Cartel Season 2 Trailer

As we discussed in this post, that Cartel Web Series is still awaiting renewal for Cartel Season 2. So, Not a single teaser or trailer made available for Cartel Season 2, if we get any we will add it here.

As of now, you can watch our video update for Cartel Season 2(in-Video Language is Hindi).

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If we get any updates in the future from "Cartel Season 2" we will add them on this post, so whenever you will visit our post you will get the latest updates from Cartel Season 2. Thanks for Visiting Us.

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