Tandav Season 2 Release Date | Tandav Season 2 - Everything We Know

Tandav Season 2 Release Date | Tandav Season 2 - Everything We Know

    Tandav is a Politics based Drama Web Series released by Amazon Prime Video in January 2021. The series got both criticism and commendation at the same time, as the viewers got divided over the Amazon's Original "Tandav Web Series". As of now, Let's not get into the controversy caused by the release of "Tandav Web Series".

As the series gets popularity and good response from one side viewers, now the demands rising for the Tandav Season 2, here we will discuss the release of Tandav Season 2. When will it come, will it come or not, etc.

Tandav Season 2 Release Date | Tandav Season 2 - Everything We  Know
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Tandan Season 2 Confirmed?

    First, let's talk about the Tandav Series Renewal, Is the series got renewed or Canceled??

So, Official Makers of Tandav Web Series have renewed the series for Season 2 despite the series faced huge controversy in season 1. Well on the other hand, the fans of this series liked the news and now waiting for Tandav Season 2.

Tandav Season 2 Update

    Now, let's talk about the current status of Tandav Season 2. So, let me tell you that the Production of the series isn't started yet. Tandav Season 2 Shooting is scheduled to start in Early 2022.

Tandav Season 2 Story

    Well, there's nothing much to discuss about "Tandav Season 2 Plot" because the Story of Tandav Season 2 is going to start from where it left in Season 1. You will see Tandav Season 1 story continuing in Season 2, as simple as that.

Tandav Season 2 Cast

    So far, as per the report on the open web, almost every character from Season 1 going to return in Season 2, from Main Cast to Supporting. Below is the list of members of Tandav Season 2 Cast.

  • Saif Ali Khan as Samar Pratap Singh
  • Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore
  • Sunil Grover as Gurpal Singh
  • Kumud Mishra as Gopal Das
  • Zeeshan Ayyub as Shekhar
  • Neha Hinge as Garima Deswal, with others(unknown).

Tandav Season 2 Episodes

    Current there is no update on how many episodes will be there in Tandav Season 2. But expect the same number of episodes in season 2 as were in season 1 i.e, 9, because almost every series follows the pattern.

Tandav Season 2 Release Date

    So as we discussed that the Shooting of Tandav Web Series going to Start in Early 2022, what it means is that the series will go into production then post-production, etc., etc. in-short production to post-production work of a series takes around 6 to 7 months on average. So if we calculate 7 months from January 2022, the result will be August 2022. So, don't expect the Tandav Series anytime soon, because it is going to take almost 1 year from today for its release.

Expected Tandav Season 2 Release Date: Late 2022/in Second Half of 2022.

Tandav Web Series Ratings & Response

So, there is a massive outrage in the Ratings of Tandav Web Series as the Series only got 3.8 stars out of 10 on IMBD, thanks to its Controversial Script, I guess. 

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Also, Only 57% of the Google users who watched the series liked this series, which is below average and downgraded but no worry as the makers have already confirmed the Tandav Season 2 despite pressures and controversies.

Tandav Season 2 Trailer

    As we saw, Tandav Season 2 Trailer is not even started so, Tandav Season 2 Trailer or Tandav Season 2 Teaser isn't there as well. We have to wait longer to see any Teaser or Trailer from Tandav Season 2. While we wait for Trailer, you can watch our YouTube video explained "Tandav Season 2 Release Date". in-Video Language is "Hindi".

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So, guys well that's all about what we know about "Tandav Season 2" if there's any news or updates come in the future, then we will update it onto our post, so whenever you visit us, you will get the updated news. So, please keep checking our page frequently or click the button below to get notified of updates we post. Thanks for visiting us.
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