Baalveer Returns Season 3 coming? Everything We Know

Baalveer Returns Season 3 coming? Everything We Know

Baalveer Returns Season 3 is coming or not? Let's see. Baalveer serial on SabTV suddenly got discontinued by the team a few months back, leaving behind so many fans unsatisfied by the ending.

When is Baalveer Returns going to come back? Will Dev Joshi will be a part of Baalveer Returns? When could be the possible release for Baalveer Returns? We got answers for all these questions, so let's see, what could be?

Baalveer Returns Season 3 coming? Everything We Know
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Is Baalveer Returns Season 3 Coming?

Till today there is no official confirmation or announcement for Baalveer Returns Season 3 but, Baalveer Returns Season 2 Episode 355 is coming in the future as per the reports. Yes, you heard it right, first makers will continue Baalveer Returns Season 2 from Episode 355 because as it can be seen where Baalveer returns was ended isn't the ideal ending for any series with that huge demand.

Firstly the maker's approach will be like continuing Baalveer Returns Season 2 from Ep 355 till its official ending. Then if possible they will renew Baalveer Returns for Season 3 but first, expect Baalveer Returns Season 2 before 3.

Why was Baalveer Returns Season 2 discontinued?

The main reason behind the discontinuation of Baalveer Returns Season 2 was Coronavirus, not TRP or else. Some rumors are on the web claiming Baalveer Returns Season 2 was discontinued because of TRP issues but let me clear that Baalveer returns Season 2 was discontinued because of Coronavirus fresh wave at that time. 

As we know Baalveer Returns is heavily based on high VFX and effects which takes so much effort from many persons for getting ready to air but considering coronavirus threats it can not be possible for that many persons to work together. That's why the team decided to go on a break.

Is Baalveer Returns going to end?

No, because when Dev Joshi aka Main Baalveer Character posted a photo on Instagram explaining what went wrong with Baalveer Returns, he used terms like Break and Interval which shows that was just a break not the end for Baalveer Returns Season 2.  These words mean a lot when referred by the officials. You can read the same words from the below post:

Baalveer Returns Season 3 Cast

As we saw we could get to see Baalveer Returns Season 2 continuing from Episode 355 instead of Season 3. It is now almost predictable that all the same cast going to return from the show to make the show more relevant for the audience. So expect all the characters returning in Baalveer Returns future episodes, whenever the show continues. And yes, undoubtedly Dev Joshi will be going to return too, as he is the most important person for the audience of Baalveer. More Cast list is below:

Baalveer Returns Season 3 cast, is dev joshi returning?
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Baalveer Returns Season 3 Story

Actually, nothing to discuss here, because if the show will continue from episode 355, it is very obvious that the storyline will gonna continue too from where it was left in baalveer returns season 2 episode 354.

Baalveer Returns Season 3 Release Date or Kab Aayega?

We are almost sure that baalveer returns will definitely be coming in the future, but sadly we don't know or can't tell you the exact release date for Baalveer Returns Season 3 as we are still awaiting officials' announcement.

But if we talk about the expected release date for Baalveer Returns Season 3 or 2 whatever, the possible release date could be somewhere in mid-2022 or in the first half of 2022.  At least fans have to wait for more at least 4 months before Baalveer Returns airing. 

We will add updates here if one comes in the future.

Baalveer Returns Season 3 Trailer or Promo

No trailer nor promo is officially available for baalveer returns season 3, but if one is released by makers we will add them here.

Today you can watch our video on baalveer returns season 3 for more details in Hindi.

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